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Isaiah Study

posted Feb 27, 2017 19:10:59 by Travis_Batty
In out stake we are studying the book of 3rd Nephi to prepare for Stake Conference. As I have read through that book I have felt Inspired to start a Study class for the book of Isaiah for the Branch I'm in. I have permission to start it and now need help from you all. What are the best books to use for understanding Isaiah? May you all find comfort knowing that there is Eternal Change that happens from following the Spirit.
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RyanAllen said Feb 27, 2017 19:17:37
I recommend using There is a side by side comparative translation of the KJV and Isaiah Institute translation, along with apocalyptic commmentary of EVERY VERSE. This is the work of Avraham Gileadi. He also has a number of books avaialble on this website.
LoryVanValkenbur said Feb 27, 2017 19:36:27
I have Gileadi's books as well, but one other book I am truly appreciating is "Understanding Isaiah" by
Donald W Parry
Jay A Parry
Tina M Peterson

I like this one because they have included teachings from the prophets in this script, like Joseph Smith, Bruce R has added so much to my understanding. I have been studying Isaiah for four months now. I'm in chapter 53. So grateful I followed this prompting. I absolutely get why the Lord admonished us to study and search this great scripture. I was apprehensive at first, but now really look forward to my study.

I hope it is a wonderful experience for you as well.
CindyLigouri said Feb 27, 2017 19:50:49
Per Hugh Nibley he is the only LDS scholar who is "fully qualified to teach the Book of Isaiah". I'd read "The End From the Beginning" by Avraham Gileadi for an overall understanding of his work studying Isaiah. I would also add my support to Ryan's suggestion of Avraham's "Isaiah Explained" website. Avraham has done incredible work around Isaiah and has studied the work for over 40 years as a part of his career. He teaches at BYU and his PhD is in the work of Isaias - I believe it may be the Literary message of Isaiah. The Lord has led him to study Isaiah in the way of the Jews and it makes all the difference!
Travis_Batty said Feb 27, 2017 19:58:57
Thank you for your thoughts. Wow I'm feeling dumb I had no idea that Avraham had a website. That is a great resource.
My Branch Pres. is a Lamanite who is full blood Ute. He was born in a range of mountains in a Buffalo Skin TeePee. He has so much knowledge on how to live off the land that its incredible talking to him about his childhood.
LoryVanValkenbur said Feb 27, 2017 20:02:48
Awesome Travis...
CindyLigouri said Feb 27, 2017 20:37:49
He not only has one, but he has 3: - the site with the commentary along with lots of other stuff. May have a video of him doing being interviewed by a panel. Really interesting to watch. - This site has info on Isaiah and the Book of Mormon. You can also access (purchase) “Dreams, Visions, and Near-Death Experiences Compared to the Prophecy of Isaiah” delivered in three volumes of eight lectures each. Plus there are the books, etc, that are more LDS oriented. - A website on the prophecy of Isaiah featuring webinars and audio and audio-visual aids that teach Isaiah’s apocalyptic message.
Nancy'sAwake said Feb 27, 2017 21:59:15
Thanks, I had no idea.
CindyLigouri said Feb 27, 2017 22:31:40
You're welcome.
David.Clark said Feb 28, 2017 07:40:11
Thank you, Lory, for recommending "Understanding Isaiah." I just purchased it and look forward to reading it!
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
Dawn said Feb 28, 2017 15:12:48
Don't miss the videos at Isaiah institute! This vignettes are incredible. Correction. Avraham USED TO teach at BYU.

Isaiah explained had everything you need if you want to start simple. The book Lory mentioned is also very good.
LoryVanValkenbur said Feb 28, 2017 17:55:07
Great David. Shelle ordered one yesterday too. I really like how it is formatted. I do like Avraham's work, but I felt like I was being closed minded by studying from only one source. The Spirit is the best mentor. I don't believe that anyone has revealed total accuracy of Isaiah.
Travis_Batty said Feb 28, 2017 18:25:32
That is the purpose of the class I'm putting together is to be spiritually taught. On my mission there was a man who would have one night a week to sit down with members from the branch and go over scripture with purpose. There were 4 reference books that would be read with what every Verse meant and everyone was able to discern what the meaning was by the spirit. Better to have 5 unified teachers than just 1 teacher. Everyone of the Authors that has written a book about Isaiah felt inspired to do so. We will understand why that inspiration came to them by examining there works.
SusanMalone said Feb 28, 2017 18:54:53
great thread- thanks for everyone's encouragement. Lory, thanks for your suggestion. I had forgotten I had the book- just pulled it off the shelf to begin studying. Thank you.
@Travis- the Book of Mormon itself gives great insights into Isaiah as well.
David.Clark said Feb 28, 2017 19:57:06
Lory, I had been feeling the same thing. I've studied Isaiah for six or seven months using Gileadi. He's really opened my mind to Isaiah, which I really appreciate! But, I don't want to be a Gileadi-ite, so to speak...
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
CindyLigouri said Feb 28, 2017 22:58:15
Dawn, what do you mean . . . "Avraham USED to teach at BYU".
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