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Idaho Falls request.

posted Feb 28, 2017 14:34:16 by ShelleMcDermott
This was sent to me by email. You can respond to them at:

Hi everyone! We're looking for people in the Idaho Falls area who may be able to help us with something. We love this site and read it all the time. We were more involved back in the ALF days, but have felt like we needed to stay in the background for now.

Through a series of experiences and prompting, we have been led to prepare to move to the Idaho Falls area. It has been a fairly complicated thing to manage and we have one particular thing we hope to find help with. We have to move our belongings up a month or more before we can actually move into a house. We're planning on getting a storage unit for most of our things, but many of them won't allow food to be stored and much of it needs to be out of the heat anyway.

Is there anyone who lives in the area who has some space in a basement or somewhere that we could rent or borrow to put some of our food for one to three months? I don't want to inconvenience anyone but I felt like I should look here for help.

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