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Aid to understanding Jacob 5 - Allegory of the Olive tree

posted Mar 01, 2017 00:54:31 by David.Clark
We're reading Jacob 5 right now as a family. I stumbled across this illustration of the chapter and we have been referring to it during our studies. It has been very helpful to us in deciphering the allegory and matching it to events we read about in scripture/world history.

(** I really don't remember where I got this. If it was someone here, please let me know so proper credit can be given 😇)

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AliciaBlickfeldt said Mar 02, 2017 04:21:21
Thanks, David! Printing now!
MelodyBarber said Mar 03, 2017 07:23:25
That looks very familiar to me. I'm guessing maybe one of the Institute or Seminary manuals.
AmandaBranchVierra said Mar 04, 2017 04:28:06
Thank You! 🤗
RandyPons said Mar 04, 2017 04:59:20
Thanks for this David...
I've printed it out and inserted into my Large Print Book of Mormon at Jacob 5.

This is very helpful :)
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ChristyPeterson said Mar 04, 2017 07:35:55
That is also what we are in the middle of reading right now too! Thank you!
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