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Gospel Library app for "Dummies" 😉

posted Mar 02, 2017 01:40:42 by David.Clark
Do you use the Gospel Library app, but need help learning how to use it more fully? For me, the answer is YES!! I'm finding these five YouTube videos quite helpful and wondered if anyone else might benefit as well...
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SusanMalone said Mar 02, 2017 02:52:30
fun videos. I have plenty to learn. Right away I faced a challenge. I don't have an iphone. I had to hunt around to find my settings in the gospel library because it was not set up the same way that it is for the iphone. But I did find it finally :) The tag feature is awesome. I never knew how to find the scriptures I had marked. Now this whole feature is much more accessible to me. Thanks David!
JulieK said Mar 02, 2017 05:39:51
Thanks David. I learned a few things from reviewing this videos. One exciting thing I learned that he didn't cover -- but I was playing around with buttons since my android app looked a little different from his --- was that I can open up a "new screen"! This is awesome. I can have two or more screens of the gospel library opened up on my android phone or android tablet. This allows me to have a lesson opened on one screen and the scriptures opened on another or open another to go to the hymn that we're going to sing in class. This is an AWESOME feature.

I have the Window's based Gospel Library on my desktop where I sit most of the day, it runs a bit different than the android apps and I'm trying to learn how it works -- that's my biggest challenge right now and then trying to see how I like setting up my notebooks, tags and notes to facilitate how I study best.

I must admit that I haven't used the study section very much other than in general conference talks and lesson manuals because I love studying my printed scriptures but I'm intrigued in learning.
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