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Falling asleep...

posted Mar 04, 2017 22:52:33 by Catharine_Butler
Everytime I watch General conference or like the face to face event today, I always fall asleep and it's so enticing and wonderful because it is such a peaceful beautiful sleep. Is this an attack from the adversary or is it just lovely and peaceful and my body is tired lol any insights?
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Bob Walker said Mar 04, 2017 23:02:01
Have you ever heard of sleep apnea? Without my CPAP machine I fall asleep waiting for a stop light to turn green. That's just biology for me. :)
MikeBarbS said Mar 04, 2017 23:26:57
My husband has sleep apnea and when he finally started using a CPAP he not only slept better, he also lost 30 pounds.

And....he had no more stop light naps!
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 05, 2017 01:06:14
I was waking up every MINUTE before the bi-pap...c-pap didn't work for me. I needed help exhaling as well as inhaling. I did lose 24 lbs once I started getting a decent nights sleep. No more naps either...:-)
CindyLigouri said Mar 06, 2017 02:15:58
I have to interject something a little different. I did a few energy sessions a while back and found, especially in the beginning as soon as one started, I'd doze off. As soon as it ended, I was awake. I asked the person who was doing it and he didn't have a problem with me doing that. After about 4 session I didn't do that any longer. I also had an interesting experience during one of those times I was asleep. When I awoke and after the session ended I went to the bathroom and got majorly freaked out. I had a urinary tract symptom that sent me to at least 4 md's, through a number of tests which all came out negative. I few days later, I sat down and listened to the session and one of the areas that was worked on were the kidneys. Earlier in the summer I had experienced some flank pain, which went away. I always wondered about kidney stones. I suspect that there were some of those there and that the session allowed me to pass at least one stone which caused the symptom that freaked me out. I think sometimes that sleeping could come from another source.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 06, 2017 02:36:37
I have respiratory failure. The BiPap with 02 is the only way I can sleep. Entirely physical...I do appreciate energy work tho. I am in agreement with you there. It's amazingly helpful.
David.Clark said Mar 06, 2017 02:46:33
Nancy'sAwake, I'm on supplemental oxygen 24/7 and I am supposed to use a bipap at night. I've had problems because of the mask and, more challenging, my throat gets painfully dry. We use the humifier on the bipap itself as well as a separate humidifier, but I still have problems. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
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Nancy'sAwake said Mar 06, 2017 02:54:24
HI David, yes, some nights I wake up with my throat and mouth completely dry. I keep a bottle of water tucked underneath a pillow on my bed, along with my phone, reading glasses, TV remote, favorite lung blends of essential oils, pain cream and my 02 nose cannula.(all the important assessories). Just unhook your mask on one side of your mouth and squeeze a few gulps of water into your mouth. You will quickly go back to sleep afterwards. It's important to keep your teeth and gums moistened to prevent gum disease and cavities.
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David.Clark said Mar 06, 2017 04:13:00
Thank you, Nancy'sAwake, for your insights. My problem is I am unable to use my hands to unhook the mask or get myself something to drink. 😨 At least I know that the problem isn't just me or that I was doing something wrong.
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
TammyBroderick said Mar 06, 2017 04:19:47
My thought Catherine, is that you are feeling the Spirit, and it's such a wonderful and soothing feeling, that you relax and the next thing you know, you are asleep.
As long as you aren't snoring, you are still being reverent.😉
ClaireE.Grover said Mar 06, 2017 04:57:27
When I didn't have itty bitty kids waking me at night, I found I was magically able to stay awake in the temple and lots of other events I previously peacefully dozed through. Good luck!

My Physics professor Grandpa says he'd way rather a student succumb and take a good 10 min nap and then be awake through the rest of the lecture than that they struggle and nod off through the entire lecture. 😜
Problem is for me that I would not wake up after 10 minutes.

(Also known as fam,faith,n'freedom.)
KellyLifferth said Mar 06, 2017 06:18:33
My wife falls asleep in the endowment every time.
David.Clark said Mar 06, 2017 06:31:53
My problem as well, Claire!
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
Catharine_Butler said Mar 06, 2017 14:28:05
Ya I think it's just a young mother problem...4 kids 8 and under :) but I always feel guilty when I wake up. Nursing a baby really doesn't help
Wil_Burgon said Mar 06, 2017 18:23:52
I know that I've had times when I've had to fight to stay awake during a talk, conference, etc. I believe that it's the presence of the Spirit and my telestial body still struggles to keep up with the Spirit when I feel it that strongly. If I want to learn what's being taught I have to fight my "natural man" and stay awake. At this point in my life, I see it as a challenge of sorts when I start to nod off! LOL. That's when I fight to pay attention most of all now!
AnnieSmart said Mar 06, 2017 23:05:57
I agree with CindyLigouri. I found myself falling to sleep anytime I would try to listen to something intently, like church, temple, eduation...It wasn't just being tired and I knew that...It was as if I could not prevent the sleep from coming, no matter what I did. It was due to energy healing that I found I had a post hypnotic suggestion placed by an entity that would cause me to sleep. This prevented me from learning and growing. I have seen the adversary effect a lot of people by doing whatever they can to prevent our growth. This post hypnotic suggestion was removed and I do not have the this problem. Sometimes I am worn out and tired, but it is different than before.
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