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Jonah's second sin

posted Mar 06, 2017 03:34:36 by JSBinSLC
Jonah is one of my favorite prophets. I think part of it is because if the Lord can work through Jonah, an obviously flawed person, then it gives me hope that he can work through me.

Anyway, I was thinking that a second incident in Jonah's life might be applicable to some of us here. (It is to me, I think.) After Jonah goes on his mission, he has great success, and the people of Ninevah heed his message and repent.

But Jonah isn't happy. The Lord said for him to tell the people to repent or be destroyed. He wanted to see them destroyed! But the Lord had other plans. Because of their repenting, the Lord delivered them from the destruction He had promised. Jonah, not happy, sulked under a gourd, until the gourd died, and then Jonah made himself so miserable he wanted to die.

Anyway, you can read the whole thing, but I think it's interesting how this story shows that the Lord has his own timeframe. Sometimes I feel like certain people and places deserve a little bit of the wrath of God. Like Jonah, I am not being as compassionate, loving, and patient as my Master whom I claim to serve. It's a chastening thought, but one that I need to keep in mind!
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David.Clark said Mar 06, 2017 06:54:18
Awesome subject matter for pondering! James Ferrell wrote a book which, at least in part, discussed this very thing with Jonah.
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Diana Olsen said Mar 06, 2017 19:29:28
The Peacegiver is an Excellent book. Everyone should read it! 💝
Pianodad said Mar 06, 2017 20:18:20
Thanks JSB for posting. I agree with you, totally.
Dawn said Mar 06, 2017 23:58:24
My favorite part is the question left hanging at the end. I think it's a good question for each of us to ponder. "Should I not spare Ninevah?" Each of us could be asked when we are feeling cranky toward someone else, and we want our way and punishment upon them, "should I not spare _______?" If we insist, perhaps it is we who will not be spared.
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