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"ASK" James 1:5

posted Mar 07, 2017 22:07:54 by LorrieLou
When we see things repeated or in patterns President Eyring said it should "rivet our attention". I'm seeing "ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE"!!

Jody Foster on FB "ALF Family Ward 2" private FB page pointed this out to me and I thought I should share it here too.

She said, "Also - note the title of this video "ASK of God"... this is a HUGE theme the church is moving into ... Face2Face with the Apostles, the 2017 theme of the youth. They are telling us to DIG DEEPER and EXPECT MIRACLES"

Here is the "NEW" ASK of God Joseph Smith First Vision video just put out by the church!! ~

2017 Mutual Theme entitled "ASK"!! ~

Face to Face with Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland streamed live on March 4, 2017 encouraging us to "ASK" ~

REMEMBER President & Sister Nelson encouraged us all to "ASK" what our mission is here on earth and to WAIT patiently for the answer to that question. Then he instructed us to write down what we receive!!

Becoming True Millennials - Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults with President Russell M. Nelson

Then Pres. Nelson gives us encouragement and instructions on how to accomplish the challenge he extended to us months earlier...
Here Is a Little of What I Learned ~ By President Russell M. Nelson

I remember the Oct 2012 Conf talk "ASK" the Missionaries! They Can Help You! By Elder Russell M. Nelson ~

In Oct 2009 Pres. Nelson gave a talk entitled, "ASK", Seek, Knock ~

Let us "ASK" in faith, in great faith, believing that we will receive!!
Meridian, Idaho (Eagle Rd. & Victory)
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LorrieLou said Mar 07, 2017 22:19:59
This link might take you to Jodi's comment on FB :)
Meridian, Idaho (Eagle Rd. & Victory)
MikeBarbS said Mar 07, 2017 22:24:51
I absolutely love the new first vision video!
JulieK said Mar 08, 2017 02:14:50
Lorrie Lou, great summary on how we are being taught to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK.

Bob Walker said Mar 08, 2017 02:23:46
I absolutely love the new first vision video!

Have you seen it in its original format as a fully surround large screen experience in the Church Museum to the west of Temple Square? You are in the middle of the experience, and it feels like you are walking alongside Joseph. It is incredibly immersive and impactful. I highly recommend it if you are in Salt Lake City.
ClaireE.Grover said Mar 08, 2017 03:13:34
Ask is the YM/YW theme, this year.

(Also known as fam,faith,n'freedom.)
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