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Interesting timing/ coincidence

posted Mar 07, 2017 07:29:50 by HaileyStephens
The T.V. series Last Man On Earth has this episode that just aired about how this virus outbreak wipes out everyone. It is a comedy but the interesting part is the news show where they learn that President Mike Pence ( set in the year 2022) dies, then all the replacement Presidents die in quick succession all the way down to Betsy Devos. Haha. But it made me think of that article we all read about the Eagle. I am pulling a blank here. The one where a guy tells a story about the presidents after Hoover. I know Shelle will know. Haha . I will update when my brain starts working again. Here I go.
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David.Clark said Mar 07, 2017 14:22:28
James T. Prout has a book that is based on Ezra's Eagle also.

Very interesting stuff to be sure.
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ShelleMcDermott said Mar 07, 2017 14:29:12
Hey me you got all the elements. I actually saw the title to the Hat episode and ship my head. Of course I didn't watch it but again I thought to myself how Hollywood has some inside track is to conspiring men.
HelenPirtle said Mar 07, 2017 17:11:23
Are you referring to the vision/prophecy where they saw Obama shooting and killing an eagle that was flying at the White House?
Jay said Mar 07, 2017 18:57:31
I believe you were referring to Michael Rush's book:

I recommend buying the hard copy. I've been enjoying his research.

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