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OT- online wedding dress?

posted Mar 07, 2017 21:20:48 by SharonMoake
Has anyone had experience buying a wedding dress online? If so what was your experience and what site please.
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Kathryn Blose said Mar 07, 2017 21:26:15
I forget the exact site, but I bought a dress that was supposed to be for me, the mother in law. The price was lower but it was made in China. It did not fit me and it came too close to the wedding. I had to give it away. Find someone you trust (even if a local seamstress), take exact measurements, and go from there.
IvyKeawe said Mar 07, 2017 21:41:43
I student who ordered a dress online months out didn't get a call back or anything. She paid with pay pal and they contacted her back 3 days before the wedding saying that the dress hadn't even been cut out or worked on yet. She immediately prayed and put her faith in Heavenly Father and told him that she only had that night to purchase a dress. She got a beautiful dress at the price she could afford, that fit her to a "T" and was made by the same wedding dress designer that did the dress for the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. The whole thing turned out to be small miracles put together for her and her fiance.

I recommend you purchase from a reliable source.
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TiffanyJacobs said Mar 08, 2017 02:40:42
I bought my wedding dress online in 2005. I got engaged in January and was married in February. I had planned on making my own dress (I was poor and also had a hard time finding anything remotely modest), but one day I decided to look online and saw an advertisement for Yahoo bridal. They were just opening up online and were selling brand-new dresses for cheap. I ended up measuring myself, and used the measurement chart to order a beautiful, modest wedding dress for $100. I worked 10-14 hour days, so I had it shipped to my work. When it arrived and my co-workers found out what it was, they made me go in the file room and try it on immediately so they could see. It fit absolutely small task, as I was a size 16 or so at the time, so finding any dress in a larger size in itself was a miracle, let alone the fact that the fabric alone was probably worth more than that.
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