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Rexburg Idaho

posted Mar 10, 2017 23:25:16 by Travis_Batty
I was on the phone with a good friend of mine on the 8th who told me something that I was interested to hear about. He had said that there have been hundreds of people who are moving to Rexburg who have left great lifestyles and large living because it felt right to them. He also said that Julie Rowe and Chad Daybell have purchased Property on both sides of his home. He has met with them today. He also told me that there is a dear sister who moved there from Washington who came from a wealthy backing that has purchased many lots of land to build hospital housing and her reason she told him is because there is going to be a movement of people through there and Woman who are heavy with Child will need a place to have there babies.
I told him about this website so hopefully he gets on soon.
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CindyLigouri said Mar 11, 2017 00:00:05
I hope he does join. This is so interesting and exciting.
ChantelleT said Mar 11, 2017 00:36:06
Well I'll be! Talk about seeing the hand of Lord! That is amazing news, thank you for sharing!
MikeBarbS said Mar 11, 2017 01:13:51
That's incredible!
HelenPirtle said Mar 11, 2017 02:00:09
That's exciting news. It has been said that this area is blessed. We will still see our share of tribulations and problems. But those who prepare both temporally and spiritually will be able to reach out and bless those around them.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 11, 2017 03:53:04
Yes, I've met with the Washington gal...helped her with some reflexology work and some great EO blends I've made. Nice people looking for helping hands and strong backs to help them construct their vision. I wish them the best... :-)
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HelenPirtle said Mar 11, 2017 16:07:16
Nancy, Is this Lynda? I can't remember her last name now, but she is in your ward.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 11, 2017 16:17:28
No...not Lynda. She,was helping them for awhile tho...
Marilyn_Rigby said Mar 14, 2017 01:42:11
Travis, where does your friend live?
Chad Daybell and his brother both live in my parents' ward, but I have not heard anything about Julie. Also, since Chad only moved there about a year and a half ago, I didn't think he was moving.

Also, my husband and I are among those who have been prompted to sell our homes here in Utah and move to that area. We are working on fixing up some things and will be putting our house up for sale within the next couple of months.
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Nancy'sAwake said Mar 14, 2017 02:03:19
Awesome Marilyn...another Eastern Idahoan. We will have to have a meet and greet with the local peeps when you do. :-) good luck with your sale.
LorrieLou said Mar 14, 2017 03:32:57
Yes! Something is a brewing there in Rexburg!!

My daughter and son in law were itching to move away from Rexburg (To New York or San Francisco) as soon as she graduated this July, HOWEVER, I about cried when they told us that the university offered them too good of a pay raise and that they will be staying there for another two years!

I went right to my knees and thanked my Heavenly Father for such a sweet and tender mercy.

Thank heaven's we're still within driving distance to them for another couple years! :) yeah!! :)
Meridian, Idaho (Eagle Rd. & Victory)
Travis_Batty said Mar 14, 2017 10:53:02
I am not sure where Destin lives. I have never met him in person. The only way that I know him is through the impact of healing he has had on my life. A couple of years ago I was under the impression that I was Gluten Free and lactose intolerant. That was when I herd about Destin Thayne and the many people he had helped heal through herbal therapy. So I got an appointment and gave him a shot and I will forever be grateful that I did. He told me I didn't have any digestive enzymes in my stomach nor did I have any in my Adrenal gland. So I used the herbal supplements he gave me and can eat wheat again and drink milk and I have more energy throughout the day. When I was doing a hand scan with his machine he told me it says right in D&C 89 that's herbs are good for the body.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 14, 2017 14:18:53
He is a good man...I'm glad you have found healing.
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KathleenParkerNewton said Mar 14, 2017 17:05:02
And some of us were brought to Mapleton, Utah. Not as exciting I suppose, but it's where the Lord wants us.
Sarah Hunter said Mar 14, 2017 17:27:06
Hey Travis, who is this Destin person, and how can I get ahold of him?
Travis_Batty said Mar 14, 2017 17:54:47 This is his company. Call them.
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