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Japan And South Korea Gearing For A Pre-emptive Strike on North Korea

posted Mar 11, 2017 03:33:15 by JenniferJones
Things are getting tense over in Japan and South Korea. I don't know what Kim Jong Un is trying to do, if he's flexing his muscles or if he's taunting, but both Japan and South Korea are done messing around. President Trump has sent two nuclear bombers to South Korea. The spring is coiled and ready to strike.
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LoryVanValkenbur said Mar 11, 2017 03:53:37
I have been watching this for days. It will be interesting to see how the dominoes line up.
Bob Walker said Mar 11, 2017 04:31:20
Someone I trust said to watch Diego Garcia closely. They have more B2 stealth bombers than normal, and travel around the island is restricted like there are nukes in the area. A B2 can fly from Diego Garcia to North Korea, drop its payload, and fly back without refueling. This fits perfectly with something that David Warwick was shown several years ago. Things are aligned almost perfectly for that to happen.
LoryVanValkenbur said Mar 11, 2017 04:51:26
I actually contacted David because I remembered the same thing. It's amazing to watch it all unfold in front of us isn't it.

Ironic since Hector dreamed this week about North Korea getting bombed.
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Bob Walker said Mar 11, 2017 09:48:11
This post was from last October, but the situation is evidently the same right now.

Urgent - Why Is Diego Garcia Wall-To-Wall US Bombers? Have The US NeoCon Pentagon Maniacs Already Decided To Bomb The Syrian Army And Dare Russia To Start WW3?

Online Forums

Anonymous posted:

"I rotate through Diego Garcia every 6 weeks to pull maintenance on uplink equipment as a private contractor.

Something big is going on, the island has more aircraft than anytime in the last 9 years. They have blocked off some access roads and are now parking aircraft on the road. Barriers have been set up around the aircraft areas. Temporary barracks and hangers are popping up everywhere. A tent city full of AF and Navy maintenance personnel has also been set up.

I have never seen B1s and B2s there at the same time. Actually I have never seen more than 1 there at a time.

Security is nuts I had to show my id at least 8 times a day

My coworker is former AF and said they are like that when nukes are around. We counted over a dozen air refueling tankers on the ground. The airfield had a take off or landing every 15 minutes, very busy. When we flew out we waited in line for quite a while. We never had to wait in the past.

The Navy had the docks full of ships and 6 to 8 more were moored just off shore. We watched many pallets of bombs being off loaded from one ship.

There were a bunch of B-52's coming in that were painted flat black. I have not seen that before.

So are we headed to war again?"
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 11, 2017 16:48:54
I am out of the loop with Hector...what did you learn Lori?

Wow Bob...such an interesting observation. Thx for sharing it.
KyleDChristensen said Mar 11, 2017 19:00:41
My daughter and her husband are moving to South Korea in 2 weeks.
Both are feeling very strong spiritual prompting to do so. Hummmm.
LoryVanValkenbur said Mar 11, 2017 19:25:10
Nancy, just thst he had a dream that we bombed North Korea. He hoped it was a situation that could be avoided, but the way things are looking I don't think it will be. .... I have a feeling that Japan is playing us too. I won't be surprised if they turn on us. I hope not.
MikeBarbS said Mar 11, 2017 22:26:53
Lory....what did David say about it? I don't remember
Karla Paul said Mar 11, 2017 22:43:20
This is from notes that a talk David Warwick gave:

Pacific Ocean, N. Korea does something that the US deemed harmful and sends troops. • 6 states empty bases along the Pacific coast to go to war.
Everything goes down after the N. Korea event.

This is from Sola Cuardisto vision at Calgary Temple:
During the winter of 1921, a lady by the name of Sola Cuardisto, a non-Mormon at the time, was given an invitation to visit the Cardston Temple. She resided in the town of Lethbridge, Canada, and the following is what she testifies took place while she was in the Temple as a tourist previous to its dedication.
I next saw international war again break out with its center upon the Pacific Ocean, but sweeping and encircling the whole globe. I saw that the opposing forces were roughly divided by so-called Christianity on the one side, and by the so-called followers of Mohammed and Buddha upon the other.

Nancy'sAwake said Mar 11, 2017 22:43:31
Thx Lori, thx Bob, thx Karla.. the Diego Garcia is sure ramping things up for battle. :-(
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ClaireE.Grover said Mar 11, 2017 23:46:19
I also immediately thought of David Warwick. North Korea will do something that seems small, that escapes the attention of the average Joe, and then we will attack disproportionately to what North Korea did.

If I didn't know about dreams and visions, mine or others', I would just think this was more saber rattling. It probably is, but eventually, the sword will come out.

My big question every time is... is this the thing that drives the gas prices up to $7+/gallon?

(Also known as fam,faith,n'freedom.)
MikeBarbS said Mar 12, 2017 00:06:20
Thank you this is actually a pretty big deal!
LoryVanValkenbur said Mar 12, 2017 00:08:23
I also thought of the shipping industry. The main passages are through the China Sea. When that goes down Babylon absolutely falls. It's discussed in Revelation and Isaiah. The stoppage of shipping is huge. It would affect everything, including oil. My thoughts too Claire.
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