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Garlic Oil

posted Mar 12, 2017 01:42:39 by HelenPirtle
Has anyone made garlic oil? I had three bulbs of garlic that I had not yet used before they began to sprout. One bulb I planted and now have eight plants growing. I noticed tonight that the other two were beginning to sprout also. I peeled them and put the cloves into a small bottle with olive oil. Would that oil be good for things such as ear aches? I figured I could add a few drops to cooking to flavor it. What other uses can you think of?
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MelindaJansson said Mar 12, 2017 05:39:22
I just read on pintrest ways to make ground garlic, sliced garlic, freeze garlic. It sounded like something fun to try.
Kent T said Mar 13, 2017 03:33:49
Helen, I though you practised the art of herbs. Garlic oil is easy to make. Find the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mash/mince up the garlic put as much as you can in a bottle cover with the olive oil, cover with cheese cloth. Then let it sit for 2+ weeks. Strain it and then enjoy it.

That oil will be great for salad dressing. Ear aches, rub it on your feet/chest. Garlic is a terrific antiseptic. It is wonderful to fight colds and the flu. Use liberally externally and internally.

Garlic oil will store for a year or so, longer in the fridge. When the oil goes rancid, toss it out. (Or save it for a fuel.)

Garlic it self, once harvested and minced, does not hold on to it's healing properties for too long, unless it is in oil or another herbal preparation. So powdered, frozen or pre-minced garlic will not be as beneficial.

Garlic is one of those terrific herbs, not to be without!
HelenPirtle said Mar 13, 2017 16:24:35
Thanks Kent. I do some with herbs but am still in the learning stage. I am open to being taught by anyone.
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