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Grandparents Preparations - Joleen Satterthwait

posted Mar 12, 2017 23:57:45 by ShelleMcDermott
Grandparent Preparations for Your Families

I have been a Prepper for most of my adult life. I just wondered if any of you Grandparents are feeling the need to help with the “other necessities”, for your children, like I have been prompted.

My children are now married and I have 20 grandchildren. Recently as I have said my prayers and asked what I should do next to further my survival supplies, my attention has been directed to my children.

I, like many of you, recall that as I was raising my family I found it was difficult just to keep the children in clothes that fit. They grow so quickly. Then there was the need for beds, furniture, a bigger car to hold all of us, and the medical bills. Finances were stretched. As I have reminded my children to buy extras every time they purchase the children’s clothes, I see that expression on their face as they wonder “how can they make their budgets stretch any further”.

I assume that there will be a time when some of my children may be in a situation to return home and use my supplies. But then I would need those “extras” in my supply.

As I continued to pray, I have felt the prompting to get some clothes for all ages. I started purchasing children’s clothes when I saw the out of season clothes on the bargain racks. These are all the no-frills type. First I saw the flip-flop shoes, $1 each. So I got all sizes for children to adults. Then when the “back to school clothes sales” started, I found underwear for all sizes, both boys and girls, along with sox. The promptings continued, so I found inexpensive T-shirts in camo colors along with neutral colored sweat pants, for all ages. About that time I had a rummage sale. I had some really nice coats that no one wanted to buy in June. So I started sizing them and found one of each size from infants to XXL adult size. With a Ziploc Vacuum Space Bag I was able to reduce the size of all these new clothes and put them in my storage.

I was also concerned with a disabled granddaughter that is approaching puberty. I was concerned with what we might be facing with her. So this winter I started sewing femine hygiene pads. I educated myself on how to sew them with videos which I found on Pinterest. Once I got started, I was having fun and decided that it would be a good idea to have enough for the other granddaughters and daughters as well. I put these in a bucket, with a bathroom plunger that would fit inside when the lid was on. I included a laundry cord and clothes pins. I purchased some cheap washcloths to be used for diaper wipes. Then I thought, I had better get some more wash clothes for all members of the family, for the day when toilet paper runs out. Last, I included some diaper pins and a wet bag from the dollar store and put the lid on the bucket.

My next goal is to get a supply of diapers. Yes, there are more babies on the way J.

As I assess my supplies, bras are not on the list. I don’t know what the answer would be to keep these on hand because of the specific sizes needed.

I’m feeling less stressed with these prepared items. If my children did come in an evacuation situation, I assume they would have the shirts on their backs and I could possibly then have one other outfit for them. This plan thus prepares for the children growing and would supply basics for any age. If nothing else, I could be happy to donate the clothes for a neighbor in need.

Do any of you have some other ideas you are making as Grandparents?
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Nancy'sAwake said Mar 14, 2017 10:25:47
Great ideas :-)
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