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Joseph F. Smith - Obedience to Gospel is a Shield from Terror

posted Mar 12, 2017 21:58:37 by KellyLifferth
President Joseph F. Smith in his book of sermons Gospel Doctrine on pages 89-90


We hear about living in perilous times. We are in perilous times, but I do not feel the pangs of that terror. It is not upon me. I propose to live so that it will not rest upon me. I propose to live so that I shall be immune from the perils of the world, if it be possible for me to so live, by obedience to the commandments of God and to his laws revealed for my guidance. No matter what may come to me, if I am only in the line of my duty, if I am in fellowship with God, if I am worthy of the fellowship of my brethren, if I can stand spotless before the world, without blemish, without transgression of the laws of God, what does it matter to me what may happen to me? I am always ready, if I am in this frame of understanding mind and conduct. It does not matter at all. Therefore I borrow no trouble nor feel the pangs of fear.

The Lord's hand is over all, and therein I acknowledge his hand. Not that men are at war, not that nations are trying to destroy nations, not that men are plotting against the liberties of their fellow creatures, not in those respects at all; but God's hand is not shortened. He will control the results that will follow. He will overrule them in a way that you and I, today, do not comprehend, or do not foresee, for ultimate good. He foresees the end as he foresaw that war should come upon all nations of the world, and as the Prophet has declared it would. The Lord knew it would come. Why? Because he knew what the world was doing. He knew the trend of the spirits of men and of nations. He knew what the results would be, in time. He knew when the time would be, and the results that would be manifest, and so he declared it by the voice of his servants, the prophets; and now we see the fulfilment of the predictions made by the servants of God, as they were inspired to utter them, when they declared that the time would come to pass when war would be poured out upon all nations -- not to fulfil the purposes of God, but the purposes of the nations of the earth in consequence of their wickedness. It may be a very difficult thing for me, with the range of words that I possess, to express my thoughts and to explain my full intent; but I repeat to you that the Lord God Almighty is not pleased, nor was it his purpose or design, or intent, to foreordain the condition that the world is in today; nor did he do so. He foresaw what would come, by the conduct of men by their departure from the truth, by their lack of the love of God, and by the course that they should pursue, inimical to the well-being of his children. He foresaw what would be, but he had given them their agency, under which they are bringing it to pass. The results of it, eventually, will be overruled for the good of those who shall live after, not for the good of those who shall destroy themselves because of their wicked propensities and crimes. -- Improvement Era, Vol. 20, p. 827, July, 1917.
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6 replies
KellyLifferth said Mar 12, 2017 22:07:22
This is why i dont give heed to the sensational political intrigue and conspiracy theory stuff too. I suggest we work on our faith in whats to come from the Lord that all that other stuff is just White Noise to us.
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David.Clark said Mar 13, 2017 00:57:30
Excellent! Better to keep our eye on the Lord and not get distracted by what is going on around us.
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
Kathryn Blose said Mar 15, 2017 06:21:41
Good article there, Kelly! Thanks for sharing!
RyanAllen said Mar 15, 2017 19:29:42
Thanks, Kelly. This is great. I think one of your relatives is in my ward. Is Stacie Lifferth Dorius a cousin? If so, you are also related to my former stake president and current member of the Bountiful Temple Presidency, Dennis Lifferth.
MelClaridge said Mar 15, 2017 21:13:41
Awesome article. It's so relevant to us today and it was written 100 years ago! wow.
KellyLifferth said Mar 16, 2017 19:40:37
Yes, stacie is my cousin and Dennis is my uncle. He actually sealed my wife and I in the Bountiful temple.
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