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Many are sickly among you

posted Mar 12, 2017 16:47:59 by HelenPirtle
After reading the accounts of the Lord's Last Supper and partaking of the sacrament, in 1 Cor.11:30 it states:
'For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep."

Just something to consider - Could some of the illnesses that don't seem to go away be as this scripture teaches, the result of not being worthy when we partake of the sacrament?

"Many sleep" - perhaps this could also refer to those who are just "not awake" to the situations around them, not in-tune with the all that the gospel entails, not living the whole law...

With so many things plaguing us in this day, it makes being worthy when we partake of the sacrament even more meaningful and necessary.
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Colette said Mar 12, 2017 17:47:18
I have never picked up on that before. So in the opposite perspective, if we take it worthily, does it help us to stay healthy?
TammyBroderick said Mar 13, 2017 04:00:19
I have wondered if a reason why we have so many health problems, is because we do not live the law of the fast as we should (speaking generally, and not about any one person.)
I love to fast and feel so blessed to be able to do so.
So many who have health problems cannot fast now due to their conditions. How sad.
Just my humble thoughts,
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