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He hears and answers our prayers

posted Mar 13, 2017 02:42:07 by Diana Olsen
Lately I have been desiring to know and understand who I am and what my mission is during the remainder of my days on this earth. I've been praying and fasting about it. I Truly want to know and make sure I Fulfill the Measure of My Creation (as stated in my P.B.)
In listening to one of Mike's Podcast, he talks about how to understand yourself better by asking Father. I made notes on a piece of paper of the two scriptural references and a couple comments he made and put it on my nightstand to read and study later.
As I went to the Temple Friday night to do Endowments for my ancestors, i was sitting in the chapel waiting to go into my second session, i let the scriptures fall open. They opened to D&C 138. I thought that seemed familiar and wondered if that was the reference Mike gave. So i read and was able to barely finish before we were led into the session.

When i got home, i immediately went to my nightstand to look at the note. The paper said:
D&C 138
Abraham 3
Noble and Great Ones
Ask H.F. to talk to Me about Me
We were sent here to be FEARLESS

I testify that Father Does hear and answer our prayers. I'm grateful for His tender mercy's that verify that.
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MikeBarbS said Mar 13, 2017 03:38:57
Thank you Diana! That is beautiful!
I had a similar experience...I was pretty distraught over future events and cried out to Heavenly Father pleading for help to understand and know what he wanted me to do. When I woke up the next morning I opened up my scriptures and what I saw before my eyes was D&C 25:2-4

I instantly felt a new calm and peace come over me! :) He definitely heard me and had a powerful response! :)
Diana Olsen said Mar 13, 2017 04:08:15
Wow Barb, what a beautiful scripture! That would have brought complete peace to me too! 💝
MikeBarbS said Mar 13, 2017 04:16:02
What is great is that whenever I doubt or start to panic, I just read that scripture! :)
Diana Olsen said Mar 13, 2017 04:47:42
What i learned in D&C 138 is that the faithful are the Great and Noble ones. In trying to search my true identity and based on my P.B., I'm told that i will be called to dwell with those who are True and Faithful. In order for me to be able to dwell with those who are True and Faithful (Noble and Great) I would also have to live my life faithfully. It gives me great hope that Father believes i can achieve this.
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