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March 13th Newsletter is Out

posted Mar 13, 2017 16:46:40 by ShelleMcDermott
If you did not receive it:

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6 replies
ShelleMcDermott said Mar 13, 2017 17:06:03
I should have announced that the full document of Skousen's "What to Expect in the Next 25 Years" is posted in the file section.

David.Clark said Mar 13, 2017 18:53:33
Thank you, Shelle, for the newsletter!
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
MikeBarbS said Mar 13, 2017 21:32:22
Thanks Shelle! :)
HelenPirtle said Mar 13, 2017 22:57:05
Thanks again for a very good collection of reading material.

With his prediction for the next 25 years, given in 1998, there is not much time left to get it all done.
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Betty Kyler said Mar 13, 2017 23:49:02
6 years
BradDuncan said Mar 14, 2017 00:03:48
Thank you!!
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