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Recipe help - Beans and Rice

posted Mar 13, 2017 16:28:10 by HelenPirtle
I am looking for advice on how to prepare Red Beans and Rice. I want to learn how to use those basic staples, seasonings, how to prepare them without meat (it may not be available). Does anyone have some basic directions of what to put in with them to make them tasty?
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ShelleMcDermott said Mar 13, 2017 16:51:38
I bought a few cases of spices from Emergency Essentials to make the beans work for "Costa Vida" type salads (will use sprouts for lettuce).

I also like chili, and just beans with onions, ketchup and cornbread. (Childhood food.)

There is a great recipe that you can make "fudge" with mashed beans, cocoa and sugar. Google the recipe there are a few.

I plan to use beans as a filler in burritos, other soups, and once cooked you can dry them, then grind them for bean flour in place of wheat flour.
NormJohnson said Mar 13, 2017 19:49:51
We have dehydrated carrots and onions for that very purpose thinking they would good with rice. We have put 25 lbs of rice in 5 gal buckets. In each bucket pWe also have placed canned meats ( chicken, ham tuna, beef) and bouillon for for flavoring. For years I have cooked beans just in water with salt for seasoning. At times I have used chili powder or other seasoning such as Shelle mentions. I see rice and beans as main stays of our long term use of our food storage. Of course rice can also have our dehydrated fruit or honey added for a nice desert type food.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 13, 2017 21:40:51
I was just going share some ideas I've gleaned from experience. . . So great timing. I have a son-in-law from the Dominican Republic. He likes my beans and rice! ! I feel so validated ..haha! He dives into them with such gusto. It does my heart good to watch him eat!

I love cooking beans in my crock pot now. Gone are the days of boiling beans for hours on the cooktop. I just start them when I go to bed, or in the early hours when I get up at night. Son I.L. says they use a lot of green peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes and tomato paste, chili sauce. I will add a hunk of frozen meat I've portioned off like a few pork chops, pork cushion meat, beef, even chicken quarters works. It gives a little fat and huge amounts of flavor to your beans. I also cook only 3 dry cups at a time. Id rather eat fresh than reheated leftovers. No soaking needed. Just throw it all in the crock pot, stir once or twice, done in 7-8 hours.
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Nancy'sAwake said Mar 13, 2017 21:50:05
I will add... that my favorite spices are Chile garlic sauce from the Asian aisle and Cavenders Greek seasoning blend (online Walmart). I buy them both in bulk amounts. ..or multiples. I also like Tuscan Garlic seasoning, Pizza seasoning, Italian blend, Jamaican, Pulled Pork - from Winco bulk. Can you tell we like garlic. ..:-) (?)
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HelenPirtle said Mar 13, 2017 23:00:06
Beans and rice are just two of the main ingredients I've stored. I've been busy this winter dehydrating potatoes (as soup or other filler) and I've also dehydrated 25 lbs of both pinto and red beans. The dehydrated beans take much less time to prepare. There may come a time when fuel is scarce or even water. A handful of those beans can easily be thrown into any soup to extend it also.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 14, 2017 02:55:22
Very good idea Helen...:-)
NormJohnson said Mar 14, 2017 03:46:57
After watching Chef Brad I am now using a pressure cooker for beans. Really cuts down on time.
Helen your dehydrated beans I presume are precooked then dehydrated. Correct?
Nancy, a lovely picture of your bean and rice meal. Makes me hungry.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 14, 2017 10:11:10
Smiling ;-) thanks Norm.
ShelleMcDermott said Mar 14, 2017 19:04:39
You can buy dehydrated beans. I did so to be able to cook under distress conditions. It also comes in refried bean flakes. Honeyville? You can Google it.
MelindaJansson said Mar 14, 2017 23:19:12
I use chili sauce, taco seasonings, chili pepper. Yum yum. Also a popular pie receipe is called mock pecan pie. The resturant in Bicknell has won many awards with it.
I put beans in vegetarian soups and depending your flavorings, it can be used with curry and coconut milk and thoes types of seasonings. I often replace meat with beans. I just use a bit more seasonings to get the flavor right.
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 15, 2017 19:14:38
Beans and meats lend themselves well to sweet, spicy or a combination, or just savory seasonings. I've been trying to go those 3 directions with seasonings to go with the proteins I have stored.
HelenPirtle said Mar 15, 2017 20:30:16
I used my dehydrated red beans again today. For 1 cup beans I added 1 1/2 c water and some seasoning, chili powder, cumen, salt and a little dried onions. They were really quite good. I may also have put in a dash of garlic powder.

Something else I tried to day that was a big success was baking a loaf of bread. The different thing I did was I mixed the dough, did not let it rise but put it into a greased 9x5 loaf pan and then put that loaf pan inside a plastic bag. I had a 2 gallon ziplock bag. I put the loaf inside to rise and zipped it shuyt. When I had it zipped closed to about a 2 inch opening, I then blew air into it to puff it up. Then closed the bag. After the dough has risen, I opened the bag to be greeted with a burst of warm moist air. I think having some 2 gallon bags or other type of plastic bags will be helpful in baking bread in a camping situation. (Then I took the bread out and baked it as usual),
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 16, 2017 02:33:10
What a great idea Helen. I really like that you eliminated a step. This is so much easier. Great to use while roughing it. Good job!
Catharine_Butler said Mar 19, 2017 19:52:06
Cumin and chicken bullion powder. Dried onions and garlic. And adding some fat to the beans makes a big difference.
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