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Are you part of less than 10%?

posted Mar 15, 2017 18:05:18 by Tauna Williams
"The 1981 United States and Canadian demographic survey of Latter-day Saint families reveals that 68% of Latter-day Saints are married. Less than half that number are married to members. Of those married to members, only 19%-or about 1/5- have a temple marraige and young children at home. So if you have been married in the temple and have children at home, you are less than 10% of the total Church population."
Diversity in Zion- Kate L. Kirkham

I wonder what the percentages are today?
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Bob Walker said Mar 15, 2017 18:31:41
I'm married in the temple with no biological children with my wife, yet four adopted children ages 4-9. What percentage does that put me in? :)
Tauna Williams said Mar 15, 2017 18:49:56
The same as me Bob! I have 3 adopted children with my sealed spouse (ages 4-1). When you find out, let me know!!!
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HelenPirtle said Mar 15, 2017 20:12:51
Since that was taken in 1981, and at that time I had all of the above, I'd say yes... now my children are grown and fit that same pattern.
ChantelleT said Mar 15, 2017 21:14:52
Only 10%!! That's crazy! I gues when you figure in all the inactive members. I look at my ward and wouldn't think that at all. Maybe my ward is a little on the up side... I hope!
MAM said Mar 15, 2017 21:40:11
I fit that criteria.

Catharine_Butler said Mar 15, 2017 21:56:44
Tauna Williams said Mar 15, 2017 22:07:29
I was thinking 10% was very low too but when you take into account all the inactive it fits, or is a bit less. For example our ward has about 500 members on roster but only a weekly average of about 170. Then if you deduct the part member families and families that aren't temple recommend holders it drops it again. And we live in a well established family ward.
Joe said Mar 15, 2017 23:48:49
I'm trying to decide if the poll is relevant to anything or why they would want to know. Are they trying to understand if young people are getting married, having kids, and active temple recommend holders?

The only difference I may see today is that there may be more singles due to not getting married at a younger age and people who have less kids than before for several different reasons but for the most part Active members with recommends usually have kids.

We have a 60% activity rate in our ward. We have a handful of widows and most people have kids and recommends - we may be above the 10%.
TiffanyJacobs said Mar 16, 2017 00:31:24
I'm in the part where my husband and I were sealed in the temple, hold current recommends and have no children (not by choice). I'm kind of surprised, though. I thought there would have been a lot more who are married in the temple with kids. It seems like that is the make up of most of the wards I've lived in, although there have always been quite a few ladies who's husbands aren't members who have kids. My current ward has a lot of divorcees with kids or retirees in the mix as well as quite a few single ladies who have never been married.
BonnieJensen said Mar 16, 2017 03:20:32
So what percent are those of us who used to have young kids in our homes? Lol
JenniferJones said Mar 16, 2017 03:42:12
We need to take into account the places like the Philippines or South America where the there is a huge inactivity rate or where the people were not close enough to a temple to get sealed. My ward activity rate is very high, but we also have everyone that lives in our neighborhood LDS and they do look out for each other. I believe it would be much harder in those areas where active church members are spread out and don't have much contact one with another.
Tauna Williams said Mar 16, 2017 10:42:20
@ Joe, I am not sure why they did the survey, I just thought the results were very interesting and wonder what they would be today. The talk was about overcoming our obvious diversities as a people and becoming one, as Zion.
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