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Recreational Reading

posted Mar 15, 2017 20:04:53 by RyanAllen
Someone on ALF Family Ward 2 was asking for a recommendation for an apocalyptic fiction book for her daughter. Most of us are busy studying doctrine, but if any of you or your youth want to read some fiction, I wrote this novel a few years ago. The kindle version is only $0.99 on amazon. It is not accurate as to what will actually take place, but kind of a fun look into a possible future. It takes place in the former USA, now run by the NWO. It isn't necessarily an LDS novel, but has many gospel themes/doctrines and is overtly Christian.
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David.Clark said Mar 15, 2017 23:18:41
Cool, Ryan!
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
ShelleMcDermott said Mar 15, 2017 23:53:44
Gee Ryan, why did you take so long to introduce yourself? (or your book)

Please come back and give us an detailed analysis.

RyanAllen said Mar 16, 2017 03:10:29
Synopsis of Independence by Ryan Allen
Adam Winter believed he was carrying out a simple mission to retrieve a piece of stolen government technology from a group of anarchists called The Response when the people he was meeting with proceed to forcibly implant the tiny “data-stamp” into his head rather than simply handing it over to him. In the aftermath of his improvised brain surgery, Adam finds his physical senses heightened to an extreme level and himself a sitting duck as he is apprehended by the Federal Police.
Melena Jaxon, daughter of the powerful Senator Cai Jaxon, and Marshal Sinclair Marbury have been unable to identify the new rebel prisoner by means of their vast database, which contains biological identifiers for every citizen under the rule of the multi-continental government, The Social Order of Unions. This leads Melena to conclude that the prisoner likely belongs to a mysterious group of outlaw religionists who have resisted government control and maintain the city-fortress of Independence in what was formerly Missouri.
In a classified, underground laboratory located deep beneath the northern Rocky Mountains, Melena utilizes an experimental interrogation method that forces her subject to relive specific events in his memory. She discovers not only her prisoner’s identity and involvement in a political revolution, but that he is indeed from Independence and may be in possession of a valuable piece of stolen technology. In order to protect her prisoner from an unjust execution, Melena makes a snap decision to help him escape from the laboratory with the intent of returning him to the capital city to have him stand trial for his crimes.
Aided by Adam’s impressive and newly-discovered physical abilities, he and Melena evade capture by hiding out in the beautiful, yet rugged mountains of Glacier Federal Park. Now relying upon Adam’s wilderness survival skills for her own survival, Melena begins not only to appreciate her former prisoner, but to understand him and the faith he espouses, despite the laws imposed by the government against all religious practice. She is also intrigued about the city he hails from and its incredible historic resistance to government occupation and control.
In addition to being pursued by Marshal Marbury and the Federal Police, Adam and Melena must also elude Hava Sorbent—the ruthless aid to Melena’s father. A dangerously ambitious woman, Hava aspires to replace Melena as Scion—heir to the Senatorial seat of the Great Plains Dominion—by any means possible.
Romantic chemistry between Adam and Melena begins to develop as they make their way to a rendezvous with Adam’s friends and builds as the small group embarks on a dangerous journey over land and air to the safety of their city-fortress.
Along the way, Melena begins her own personal journey of discovery in love and faith and must ultimately decide whether to return to a life of comfort and privilege in a political aristocracy or to join Adam and his people as they endeavor to restore the constitutional republic once known as The United States of America. Passionately opposed by Melena’s father and his operatives, Adam and his people first must fight to defend their home—the last bastion of liberty and American values in a morally and economically destitute land—Independence.
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