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Chinese-Russian Attack Plan

posted Mar 16, 2017 21:19:02 by JenniferJones
A leaked attack plan of the Chinese and Russians have come to light. It reads just like it does in all the dreams and visions.
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CindyLigouri said Mar 16, 2017 22:29:21
Was this posted today?
JulieK said Mar 16, 2017 22:32:52
Great find Jennifer!

Cindy, at the bottom of the article is says:

By Dave Hodges|March 16th, 2017

BrendaStephenson said Mar 16, 2017 23:39:27
Thank you, Jennifer.
Tauna Williams said Mar 17, 2017 01:06:32
Wow. American military units gone rogue. Sounds scary. I haven't heard of UNWEX drills yet. Looks like things are picking up speed... and going downhill fast.
CindyLigouri said Mar 17, 2017 02:44:15
Thanks Julie! I looked, but missed it.

I listened to Sean Hannity today and heard very credible sources talking about a dis-information campaign against Trump. In between I heard the news reports that were that dis-information campaign and lastly I turned on CBS evening news tonight. I had it on for about 2 minutes and got sick to my stomach with what I was hearing. And none of it was about this stuff. It's almost like there are multiple, alternative universes surrounding us now. I wonder when it's going to come crashing down?
Isaiah said Mar 17, 2017 03:13:14

'War with the US under Donald Trump is “not just a slogan” and becoming a “practical reality”, a senior Chinese military official has said."
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Philippians 4:13
Shanta said Mar 17, 2017 14:42:22
Dave's article is interesting. A couple years ago I had a dream that showed me/told me that for where I am at (Houston), the Russians would be the most dangerous and the ones invading. Before that dream I had thought the Chinese would invade Texas through Mexico. Really striking to see what I was told in a dream in his article.

Most everything I have read historically about people surviving war was because they evacuated inland and got up into the mountains. I read something about a year ago that said Russians (or other older Europeans) once taught their children to flee to mountains if their land was ever invaded by war.
RyanAllen said Mar 17, 2017 16:30:26
Interesting, @Shanta. Have you seen the movie Red Dawn?
Matt said Mar 17, 2017 17:30:44
This concept has been around for decades. Its all possible but hard to say its more than speculation. There is even a board game I like to play that plays out the scenario. All the ideas listed here are really rather obvious, I think.
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