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Dreams and Visions of Jesus Fueling Muslim Conversions to Christianity

posted Mar 16, 2017 14:26:55 by Diana Olsen
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Diana Olsen said Mar 16, 2017 17:44:53
This is Wonderful that so many Muslims are turning to Christianity! Father is trying to save All his children. I love the stories told in this article.
Sarah Hunter said Mar 16, 2017 17:48:08
Yes! One of my fun Sabbath activities is watching conversion stories on YouTube (although now YT is part of my 90 day fast, so I'm going to have to take a break for a bit).

I've heard many beautiful stories of people coming to Christ! Some of the people believed they were "good" people, but I guess it begged the question: how good is good enough?

The path to salvation is narrow, and the only guide we have is by directly following in His footsteps.
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