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"Chlorine Gas Flakes Taken From ISIS" by Paul Begley

posted Mar 17, 2017 16:40:03 by GinellaKapele
Aloha and Good Morning Everyone🌞,
This is very out of the box for me to be sharing or posting anything here but I was inspired to share this with all of you. It reminded me of the dreams that were posted about the plague that may fall during the 4th of July or at anytime. It also talks about other interesting things that are happening too. Any thoughts.... Pls. Share. MAHALO😊

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5 replies
David.Clark said Mar 17, 2017 19:25:29
Ginella, thank you so much for your post! It is so nice to have more contributing to the forum! As a side note, I was a member of the Mililani Stake for 8 years. I miss my Mililani Ohana! 😔
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GinellaKapele said Mar 19, 2017 01:25:35
Mahalo Nui Loa David!!!!Your response is very much appreciated:). Btw..your Mililani Ohana will always be here for you when you return!!!!
HeatherHerrmann said Mar 19, 2017 02:44:39
Aloha Ginella. Mahalo! So nice to have more family contributing here! I also lived on Oahu for about 6 years in the areas from Waialae south to Hawaii Kai. My daughter and family live on Maui. So beautiful there!
Through the strength of the Lord I can do all things.
LoryVanValkenbur said Mar 19, 2017 03:23:39
Thank you for your post. ISIS is a scary lot, unpredictable too.
GinellaKapele said Mar 19, 2017 11:11:13
Mahalo Heather and Lory for your comments. I am so bless to be a part of this group and to get to know all of you:)
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