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help me find a quote

posted Mar 18, 2017 21:57:26 by Sarah
I need help finding a quote that is hanging out in the back of my mind... the basic message of it is that to help children recognize evil and choose good, expose them to MORE GOOD rather than some of both.
The idea comes from the worry that if we shelter our children too much, they won't thrive in 'the world' but the feedback was - no, my children will recognize when they need to get away from something by the feeling that the large dose of GOOD they are used to is missing.
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David.Clark said Mar 18, 2017 23:00:41
I'm sorry, Sarah, that doesn't ring a bell to me. Sounds like a good quote! I hope someone can remember where it comes from. 🙂
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ElishaJones said Mar 18, 2017 23:02:16
I have been trying as well. Is it from a more current talk?
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