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Help with another talk by David A Bednar

posted Mar 18, 2017 17:14:06 by CindyLigouri
I read a talk by Elder Bednar in the last few days that I never bookmarked and that I dearly wish to find again. It's an older talk in which he talks about recognizing the Holy Ghost. In the video of the talk he talks about how Heavenly Father expects us to take a leap of faith into the darkness and not wait to act till we see the confirmation by Heavenly Father. He does an object lesson using the spotlight on the stage which was very effective. I think found it either here, but am not sure. Can anyone help?
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JaeleneStarr said Mar 18, 2017 19:28:47
Humm. This description reminds me of a talk by President packer years ago.
Dawn said Mar 18, 2017 19:42:47
It's on's the video series on light.?
janette boyce said Mar 18, 2017 20:06:40
It might be the one that David Clark posted in the thread about the brother of Jared where elder Bednar references the talk by pres. Packer.
David.Clark said Mar 18, 2017 22:54:24
Elder Bednar uses that object lesson in this talk...

This talk was about faith and moving forward in faith before the light moves and that the light will move with us according to our exercise of faith. I don't believe he was implying that we should move forward before getting confirmation from the Holy Ghost. Please let me know if I misunderstood that point, please!
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CindyLigouri said Mar 19, 2017 00:10:37
Thank you so much everyone! Special thanks to David Clark. This is the one. This time I'm bookmarking it!

David, you are probably right but my experience has been different and this spoke to me. When I was baptized, it was after a 12 year wait (being more active than many members) and it was a leap into the dark. After my daughter's baptism into the church in Oct. 93, my ex asked me when I was getting baptized. I told him I still didn't feel good about it because it created contention between us (and I really wanted to save our marriage). He looked at me with darts in his eyes and said, "Go Get Baptized!!!!!" I was baptized in December, got my PB in the beginning of Feb and he took a trip to Boston where he met up with his current wife and then he walked out at the end of Feb. Started a real, sometimes scary journey. He used my joining the church as his excuse for him leaving me - I was a religious fanatic. I still remember a friend of mine coming to me on a Sunday morning in the foyer at church to drag me back into the chapel. Her mother-in-las was giving her a talk on Doctrine and Covenants 98. She was right. The talk was for me. Anyway, that whole experience was very much a jump into the dark. I've never regretted it although it's been very difficult. At the time I really wasn't very confident about getting confirmation from the Holy Ghost. I received a direct prompting to start seeking after that in 2012.
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