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Book of Mormon teaches true doctrine quote

posted Mar 20, 2017 17:08:51 by Tauna Williams
I love this quote I just read by Elder Orson Pratt:

"Oh, how precious must be the contents of a book which shall deliver us from all the errors taught by the precepts of uninspired men! Oh, how gratifying to the poor, ignorant, erring mortals who have murmured because of the multiplicity of contradictory doctrines that perplexed and distracted their minds, to read the plain, pure and most precious word of God, revealed in the Book of Mormon!"

I hope and pray I never outgrow the Book of Mormon or the doctrine of Christ found therein.
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JulieK said Mar 20, 2017 17:30:19
I too love the plain and precious truths found in the Book of Mormon. That is why it is called the New Covenant. Everything is contained in the Book of Mormon and is given for us to profit from today. I also LOVE the converting spirit of the book and the POWER that it brings when I read it. It has such great promises to fight evil in these dark days of the earth.
David.Clark said Mar 20, 2017 17:34:01
Thank you, Tauna! 🙂
Formerly known as Alabama LDS
Tauna Williams said Mar 20, 2017 17:42:57
Your welcome David!
Julie, I fully agree. It is an awesome resource that we should delve into every day. It is the only way to keep from the deceptions of the adversary. We must press on with all our might!
RyanAllen said Mar 20, 2017 18:57:12
What a great quote. Thanks for posting that. The Book of Mormon truly is a light in darkness.
BeckyG. said Mar 20, 2017 21:48:16
Amen Sista!!
I'm teaching 9 year olds and learning a LOT. That's why I was called... I need to learn. :)
Faith not Fear!!
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