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Stake 1st Counselor's talk

posted Mar 20, 2017 14:35:26 by LauraNJosephBooth
Hello NFP family!
Yesterday the 1st counselor in our Stake Presidency came out to our little branch and gave a talk. I have to admit I didn't hear all of his talk, because of being in and out with a rowdy 3 year old. But the parts I did hear were very interesting and I thought y'all may be interested to hear about it. Obviously, since I didn't hear the whole talk, please know this is just my opinion and may or may not be a way of preparing us for future events. I found it all interesting, nevertheless.

President told us about how he has a prepper friend. Not a totally crazy prepper, he says, but way more than the average person would do. His friend has a property out in the country and a group of 7 or so families, each with a special set of skills, like medical, protection, farming, etc, that meet together often and basically plan to gather together when our society melts down in the future. This friend of his approached him and asked him to be a part of this group. He was intrigued and looked into it, but ultimately said he needed to decline the offer because if something were to happen in the future, he feels previously obligated to our stake. We are a church family and look after each other. He also said that he pondered the logistics of protecting the 3,000 members of our stake. The thought came to him that he - that we all - are connected to the higher power of the priesthood. That even in tumultuous times there is hope in Christ. There is power and protection in Christ. That was the main messages of his talk, in my opinion - the power of the priesthood, hope in Christ, taking care of our family and church family.

I loved his talk for several reasons. One of which is that our new stake presidency has only been in since November 2016 and they have come out to our branch twice already! I think that is so awesome. I have a big fear that we'll get left out somehow, but this presidency has done a lot to reach out more to the branches in our stake. Second thing I love is that it's really fun to find out that one of our stake presidency members is very preparedness minded. He may not be a 'crazy prepper' (that's a good thing anyway), but he is definitely thinking about those kind of things. What's more is that he knows that the power of the priesthood and a hope in Christ is really the only thing that will get us through the coming tribulations. I love that!
Oh, and as a fun side note - This new presidency is super young - all of them are in their early 40's or late 30's. Is that odd? Maybe not. My dad was in the stake presidency back in his 40's. It may just be odd to me because our previous presidency in this stake were all much older. (Not that that is a bad thing! I support and sustain all my leaders, no matter their age!)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
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Nancy'sAwake said Mar 20, 2017 15:03:17
Where is your Branch located @LauraBooth? :-)
CindyLigouri said Mar 20, 2017 15:15:15
LauraBooth - I will often ask for a copy of a talk that I am particularly drawn to, even on the Stake level. You might want to think about asking this man for a copy because you were particularly touched by what he said. That way you can get the whole thing and, maybe share it with us (with permission?) :-) Just a thought.
LauraNJosephBooth said Mar 20, 2017 17:04:38
Cindy, I didn't know we could do that. I'll see what I can do. Thank you for that information. 😀

Nancy, I'm in the Caldwell, Texas, branch.
Dawn said Mar 20, 2017 17:12:48
Yes, I've done that before. But on occasion, like my hubby, you'll get someone who says, Oh, I didn't type it out. :-) Yeah, I don't know how he does it. Writes down a few thoughts and scriptures and then just shoots from the hip. And it's always excellent. That's my next goal. I can do that when I TEACH. Why can't I do that when I SPEAK???
Colette said Mar 20, 2017 17:29:06
Dawn, you can. I usually have an outline for talks and lessons, overall I have an idea of what I will say, but many times the Lord changes it. Before I speak or teach I pray for the gift of tongues and for the spirit to prompt me what to say so that I can be an instrument in bringing people closer to him. I've been amazed at how he has prompted me. Sometimes I feel like I'm learning as I speak and teach.
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Jesse Slater said Mar 20, 2017 19:36:29
Wow, how awesome! A couple months ago my Stake President told us that we will face hardships very similar to that of the pioneers. Some of them are definitely awake!
Marilyn_Rigby said Mar 20, 2017 21:10:13
I've noticed that a lot of stake presidencies are being put in that are very young. My current stake president is young, our stake president in the stake we moved from was even younger, my parents' new stake presidency is young, my brother's also... etc. A lot of the new ones are very young (30's and 40's)
BeckyG. said Mar 20, 2017 21:48:56
I'm hoping our presidency is awake; even my Bishop. I'm also afraid of what will happen if these men pull a Scott's Mill on us.
I guess the answer is ...make sure you are hearing the Holy Spirit. Hopefully he will direct us when the time comes.
Faith not Fear!!
Betty Kyler said Mar 20, 2017 23:48:48
I wish we had someone who is awake in our Bishopric (recently changed) and our stake. Everyone is comatose here. I now worry that we might miss the call...
BeckyG. said Mar 20, 2017 23:55:49
Betty...Something I'm doing is making contact with family members and friends in DIFFERENT stakes. We've all promised to let each other know if we hear anything. It's a little comfort, but I'd rather mine be awake.
Faith not Fear!!
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