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Ralph Jensen NDE Fireside

posted Mar 21, 2017 18:28:12 by Diana Olsen
I just made a connection with Ralph and will be trying to set up a Fireside at my home. I will keep you posted.
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18 replies
LoryVanValkenbur said Mar 21, 2017 18:34:51
Thanks Diana. If this is who I think it is I want to come for sure.
MikeBarbS said Mar 21, 2017 18:37:37
I wish I could go......
Diana Olsen said Mar 21, 2017 18:41:27
I believe he wrote a book called, Taught By Christ.
@Lory, you know you always have a reserved seat! 💝
Sharee Poyfair said Mar 21, 2017 19:39:04
Yay! I definitely want to come! I love the meetings you put on. I have seen you at the temple twice and I often see you at Costco, but I feel weird being like, "Hey remember me? I have been to your house twice..." haha. Next time I think I will step out of my comfort zone and say "hi" 👍🏻
CamilleTracey said Mar 21, 2017 19:47:13
I would love to come as well. Thanks Diana!
ShelleMcDermott said Mar 21, 2017 19:58:04
Diana, you may have to get a church building for this one! Your meetings are too popular!
(psst..put me down)
AliciaBlickfeldt said Mar 21, 2017 20:29:43
Cool! I'd love to come too. :)
Diana Olsen said Mar 21, 2017 20:41:50
How exciting to see the interest!
@Sharee, definitely say Hi next time you see me! (I'll be at the Temple tonight)
@MikeBarbS, the link above is great to watch about his experience. If he shares any new insights, I'll definitely share upon approval.
@Camille, Shelle Alicia, i have you down!
@Shelle, i love having the smaller groups at my home, its more intimate and personal, but you're right, maybe i should seek a larger room. I'll see how things go. 😊
SusanMalone said Mar 21, 2017 21:31:48
I would love to come as well :-)
Nancy'sAwake said Mar 21, 2017 21:51:32
Take good notes somebody :-))
BrendaStephenson said Mar 21, 2017 22:14:22
What a nice opportunity. Put my husband and I down.
liliana portillo said Mar 21, 2017 22:25:07
Put me down to please for 2
KarleneCarper said Mar 21, 2017 22:28:02
I want to come and may bring my mother- in- law. He is a cousin to her and has been in my home doing his fireside. I would love to hear him again.
AdelaSmartMaxfield said Mar 21, 2017 22:41:04
I would like to come also. Thanks!
RyanAllen said Mar 21, 2017 23:12:44
Where do you live, Diana? County if you don't want to be specific.
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